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During the course of a pregnancy, the human body is experiencing constant changes.

Dr. Ron Rabineau


During the course of a pregnancy, the human body is experiencing constant changes. With these
changes, our structural system endures a lot of physical stress. Our lower back tends to get compressed,
hips start to rotate, pelvis shifts, and the rest of our body tends to compensate for these changes. Nearly
half of all women will experience back pain before delivery. As the center of gravity changes during the
course of pregnancy, other joints outside of our spine will start to endure more stress as well. When
these joints become stressed, they start to become less mobile, leading to increased pain and
inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments to the involved areas will allow for proper growth and mobility.
Hormonal changes are also occurring during pregnancy. Relaxin is a hormone released that helps loosen
ligaments and allow for a proper vaginal birth. When this occurs during the final stages of pregnancy, it
can cause hip pain, pelvic pain, as well as sacroiliac (S.I.) joint dysfunction. Chiropractic care will help
balance these dysfunctions, and provide support and improvements to our posture and muscle

What to Expect:
Just like the body continuously changes with pregnancy, so do recommendations. When most of the
physical changes occur during the second half of pregnancy, more frequent adjustments will become
necessary to adapt to these changes. Not every person is the same, and not every pregnancy is the
same, therefore not every recommendation will be the same. We will work on stretches, abdominal
support, and joint manipulations. The earlier we can start treatments during pregnancy, the easier it will
be to maintain a properly balanced system.